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Your Non-Delegated Correspondent Partner for the Road Ahead

Customize your solution based on your business model.  We let you decide how to best work with us.

Partner with Us

Customize your solution based on your business model.

We let you decide how to best work with us

Premium Plus

  • Stearns® Wholesale will prepare and deliver the upfront federal & state-specific initial disclosures, LE(s), CD(s) and closing documents.

  • Sellers are responsible for submitting a COC request for changes to the LE as applicable. This includes Float-to-Lock disclosures when the lock with the borrower was not secured at the time of initial disclosure.


  • Stearns® acts as your underwriting resource for your conventional and government transactions.*
    *FHA requires additional lending authority that is applicable to all sellers.
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We make your job quick and easy with SNAP for Non-Delegated Correspondents

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As non-delegated seller, you are the bank. All loan documents will be in your name. You’ll also fund in your name.  You control the pricing with no comp plan restrictions. In addition, you are able to choose the AMC you want to use.

We usually do business in one of two ways.

First, there's the Preferred Path, where we act merely as underwriters. The lender still handles disclosures and closing.

Second, we have the Premium Plus Path. In that option, we handle all disclosures, underwriting, and prepare closing documents ― all while maintaining strict compliance.   

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