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SNAP 2.0 — Stearns Network Automated Portal

SNAP 2.0 is the Stearns® proprietary loan origination pricing engine and pipeline management tool. This all-in-one system allows brokers to get up-to-the-minute pricing, while running different product scenarios so that they can offer the best loan to each client.

Pricing & Guidelines

  • PriceIt – Price a loan

  • Available programs displayed

  • Ability to access guidelines for all programs


Credit & AUS

  • Upload 1003

  • Order / Reissue credit

  • Submit to AUS (DU & LP)


Lock & Pipeline

  • Manage pipeline

  • View the status of your Closing Disclosures through CD SNAPshot

  • Online locking

  • Online extensions


Stearns SNAP 2.0 Mobile App

  • Access your pipeline

  • Price a loan within seconds

  • Lock loans

  • Reach out to your contacts

  • Be informed with notifications


Stearns CLIENT


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