Stearns Wholesale
Strong History. Bold Future.
Stearns is the most tenured Wholesale lender in America.

Over the last 30 years, Stearns Lending has been through many financial cycles and industry crises in our country. Not only have we survived, we have THRIVED-and have created a solid foundation for both our Wholesale Lending and Non-Delegated Lending channels.

Best in Class

YOU are never just a number to us. Stearns Wholesale and Non-Delegated Correspondent Lending Division provides mortgage financing solutions to brokers and non-delegated bankers. We are committed to utilizing a distributed sales model supplemented by a hybrid internal sales group. Stearns offers a best in class operational experience for our clients. This is facilitated by a commitment to technological innovation and a robust product line with an aim to be the lender of choice for most mortgage transactions in the market place at a competitive price. At Stearns, we know your name and you know ours. We can help you! ®

Who We Are

Top Lender
Founded by Glenn Stearns in 1989, the Wholesale division rose to the top in the industry bringing us to the #3 wholesale lender in the nation.

Longest Tenured Wholesaler
30 years after launching Stearns, we've demonstrated enduring strength regardless of what's happening in the economy and industry, while also paving the way for the future.

$8.49 B
With more than $8.49 B funded in 2018, we've proven that we can get the job done time & time again-we stand ready to help you fund more loans & increase your own numbers.

Stearns CLIENT


Stearns Lending’s policy is to treat all applicants and borrowers in a fair and consistent manner and without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age (provided the applicant or borrower has legal capacity to enter into a binding contract), sex, marital status, disability, familial status, receipt of public assistance, or exercise of rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act, or any other prohibited basis identified under state law. © 2021 Stearns Lending LLC. All Rights Reserved